We can provide a number of different benefits for you.


Synthetic Blend Oil Change

There is a difference between all the oils we can provide you with.

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Full Synthetic Oil Change


With every oil change, we perform a complementary

14-Point Inspection

That means we inspect hoses, belts, PCV valve, windshield wipers, battery, air filter, breather element, exterior lights and transmission fluid; Top off brake, power steering and windshield washer fluid and lubricate the chassis (when applicable) and inflate your tires to manufacturer recommendation.

If we helped you with 3 Oil Changes then the next one will be half off.

These are some of the other services we provide
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Tune Ups
Radiator Flush
Battery Replacement
Serpentine Belt Replacement
Wiper Blade Replacement
Transmission Oil Change
Brake Replacement
Tire Rotations

If you can schedule 3 or more vehicles at the same time and location, then you would be eligible for a multiple car discount.

All Services are reported on Carfaxmember_carfax_SN1With a VIN # or License Plate # and State you can view your vehicle's history. Check out myCarfax.com

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